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Slab Leak Detection

What are the symptoms for a Slab leak?

  • Hearing running water is a great way to detect a slab leak.
  • If you have a hot water leak in your line, you could see a hot spot on the floor.
  • Another tool for slab leak detection is cracks in your wall or flooring.
  • Slab leaks often times can leave mildew or extra moisture under flooring surfaces such as carpet.
  • A simple indicator or detection for a slab leak is a high water bill.

Use your Meter to Detect a Slab Leak

Your water meter can help you discover any type of leak, including a slab leak.

Suspect a Slab Leak? How do we find it?

With modern technology, using evasive methods such as breaking into slabs or pool desks without confirmation is completely unnecessary. Slab leaks in Orange County can be detected by a professional using the right equipment.

Our team of professional plumbers use tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators to detect slab leaks. This process allows Aladdin Plumbing to find and repair leaks with minimal property damage. Usually we can complete the slab leak repair in an area as big as a tile.

Slab leak detection in Orange County, done properly, saves our customers time, money, and the hassle of absorbing the costs of fixing property that did not need to be damaged.

What are your options for fixing slab leaks in Orange County?

Aladdin Plumbing is about providing honest service to new and repeat customers. We are dedicated to service on every Job. For this reason, we will always formulate a plan of attack for your slab leak and provide you with all the options. Our repairs are done with minimal property damage, and we make sure you are fully informed on everything before we do the repair.

Options for slab leak repair in Orange County may include:

  • Spot repair: Being the most cost effective solution, we use this one if possible. This involves opening up just one spot as small as possible to perform the repair on the slab leak.
  • Repipe or Reroute: If you have older plumbing, this solution is nice because it helps prevent future slab leaks and more damage to your property down the road.
  • Epoxy pipe coating: In some instances we can coat the inside of the pipe to fix the slab leak and prevent future leaks. While not always the best solution, it can be a saver. Our plumbers are trained experts and can fully explain the best course of action for your slab leak.