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Repipe Specialists

Why do you need to repipe?

  • Repiping is a preventative method for future plumbing issues.
  • A repipe will help ensure consistent water temperature.
  • With a repipe you can gain the benefit of predictable and great water pressure.
  • Your water is always clean and clear.
  • You might have other worries about your home, but your plumbing will not be one of them.
  • A repipe will increase your homes property value.

Copper repiping eliminates these problems and is guaranteed for life. Another option for repipes is PEX.

Copper Repipe Specialists in Orange County

In Orange County we face plumbing problems for many reasons. Galvanized pipes are a huge problem, and they are usually found in older homes. Galvanized pipes often times rust and experience corrosion problems. The other type of piping that has problems is soft copper piping. These pipes can leak, causing major issues when found under slabs.

Aladdin Plumbing uses a copper repipe as the most efficient method for avoid problems in the future. Our repipe specialists will ensure that you are given all the information to make the most educated and best decision for your repipe. We are dedicated to service on every job and emphasize a lasting and long-term relationship with our customers.

A copper repipe will ensure that you do not have the same rust and corrosion problems that you may currently be experiencing.

Also Specializing in PEX Repiping in Orange County

  • For over 40 years, PEX has been used.
  • A PEX repipe is durable and is something you can rely on for years to come. It does not have corrosion problems like older pipes.
  • With leak-resistant connection, it stands as the most time efficient solution and requires no chemicals.
  • Although Orange County does not freeze much, it is resistant to expanding and contracting from freeze damage.
  • PEX provides a repipe solution that is quiet.
  • Your PEX repipe is often guaranteed with a 25-year limited warranty.

Many customers stand by their crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing as the most durable, cost-effective and logical choice. Aladdin Plumbing will as always give you the best options for your home prior to any work. We are committed to service and creating a long term relationship. We are not out to make a quick dollar; therefore, we will make sure the options given to you for your repipe are the best ones and the price will always be fair.